Jasryn Storm Von Bladmere

Wizard from 60 years in the future, takes place of Fizban


Jasryn Storm, Nob 1, Wiz 5, WHS 9; AC 20 (bracers, Robes of High Sorcery), AL LG, HP 52, Wand of Fireballs (28 charges); Wand of Web (12 charges); Staff of Elemental Control (Air), Robes of High Sorcery, Bracers of Armor +2, Ring of Spell Turning, Ring of Wizardry II, Bag of Holding I, Potions of Moderate Healing (9), Scrolls of Teleport (2), Identify (3), Secure Shelter, Major Creation, Tongues, Comprehend Languages, Truth Testing, Timeheal; Pseudodragon Familiar (Fafnir); Riding Horse (Gust), Wealth: Castle, Lands, 75,000 stl., 10,000 stl gems,

Spellbook: (Abjuration Specialist) : Prepared: level 0 Light, Mage Hand, Presdigitation, Message, Detect Magic; Level 1: Color Spray, Shield, Mage Armor, Magic Missiles, Shocking Grasp, Flaming Hands, Enlarge, ; Level 2: Web, Daylight, pyrotechnics, ;Level 3: Lightning Bolt, Fly, Fireball, Dispell Magic, ;Level 4: Dimension Door, Level 5: Teleport, Telekinesis, Level 6: Repulsion, Level 7: Timeheal, Limited Wish In BOOK: All Level Zero Spells, 1st- Identify, Charm, Unseen Servant, True Strike 2nd-Detect Thoughts, Locate Object, See Invisibility, Elemental Dart*, Shocking Spark*, Invisibility, Mirror Image, Augment Familiar 3rd-Magic Circle against Evil, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Billim’s Bifrost Bridge, Palin’s Pyre*, Minor Light of Truth, Endure the Elements 4th- Daylight, Arcane Eye, Scrying, Dalamar’s Lightning Lance*, Spark Shield*, Storm Wall, Polymorph, Stoneskin, Dimension Door 5th- Permanency, Wall of Dispell Magic**, Overland Flight, Leomund’s Secret Chest ;


Jasryn Storm is a White Robe mage, level 14, who only recently learned that he is a young adult silver dragon trapped in human form by the evil Black Robe Danvil Felcraft. He is both Palin Majere’s apprentice and brother-in-law, as his sister is Usha Majere (who never seems to age, and is completely unaware that she is also a silver dragon.) He was completely unaware of his true nature growing up, raised by the Red Robe elf wizard Serannon in the woods, then kidnapped by Felcraft, and adopted by the evil Baron Vilderoff Von Bladmere, because he was made to resemble the baron’s dead son Edmund. Jasryn became Felcraft’s apprentice, until he escaped at age 12 on the back of a unicorn, then finished his training under Palin Majere. He since inherited the title, castle, and lands of Baron Von Bladmere, as an attempt to bribe him over to the side of the Dark Knights. This bid failed, as Jasryn and his friends again escaped, to face Frost in combat.

Jasryn has a psuedodragon familiar, Fafnir, whom he picked up in the woods outside Neraka (Ravenwood Forest.) He also possesses Arion, the elemental staff of Air, one of four such arcane staves (the staves take the place of the Rings of Elemental Control.) His best friends are the Knight of the Sword Sir Markham Danyal Swordhawk, dwarven blacksmith Garnet Irondelve, and the flighty kender, Shyla Pouchfinder. They teamed up with Rangerlord Dorian Starbow Barrett and Timberwolf (ranger/cleric, grandson of Riverwind and Goldmoon), Princess Mercidith Opherwind of Ergoth, and later, the Black Robe Lundarquarius Eclipse and blue dragonspawn assassin Sunder. Together, they defeated the Knights of Takhisis, Danvil Felcraft, the enormous Red Wyrm Cinder (son of Malystryx), and the last of the dragon overlords, Frost (also known as Blizzard, the Great White Hurricane.)

Jasryn and Lundar were both granted seats on the Conclave of Wizards, which they held until the three Orders of Magic broke up.

Jasryn was sent back in time by the god Solinari, to attempt to correct a faulty timeline in an alternate Krynn, and perhaps, to have the way for the return of Paladine in the true timeline.

Jasryn Storm Von Bladmere

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