Dragonlance Dragons of Autumn Alt. Krynn

We just got attacked by Fewmaster Toede in Qualinost

Chapter Two of the Campaign

After being captured in Solace by Fewmaster Toede, and the evil Black Robe Danvil Felcraft, the heroes were rescued by a band of elves led by Porthios, brother of Gilthannas. The attack included Toede riding a wyvern, 6 kapaks, and a young adult red dragon.

While the brave young cleric Ceridan was attempting to seduce the beautiful and innocent elven princess Lauranna, Toede attacked. (Riverwind got killed while Ceridan was still getting his pants and armor on!) Jasryn, as the silver moon was full, was able to take his true form as a silver dragon for an hour, and fight the red wyrm in the skies over Qualinost. Ceridan joined the fray and they slew the wyvern and the six kapaks.

However, Lauranna was still kidnapped by Toede and his evil henchmen. The party now has to explain themselves to the Speaker of the Sun and his two angry prince sons, and then move onto Pax Thakas, to rescue the humans enslaved there, as well as the newly kidnapped princess Lauranna, before she is ravished by the amorous Toede!

The party consists of: Ceridan (dwarf cleric of Mishakal), Urg (the “screaming idiot” dwarf fighter), Serrandan (elf White Robe mage), Tasslehoff Burrfoot (NPC kender), an unknown elf ranger (newly rolled up character by Martin, as Riverwind just died), and Jasryn Storm, a mysterious White Robe mage, 14th Level, from the future, who takes Fizban’s place in the story here, (run by the DM)

Needed: More regulars: we only have three! We could really use a Knight of Solamnia, and another warrior or three. We’re about to meet up with Eban Shatterstone, and enter the Sla Mori. I have a 3D dungeon, maps, plenty of miniatures and dice…all we need are more players! Adults only, please!


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